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Beachgrit: The Ultimate Surfer Finale Recap

Inertia: The Ultimate Surfer Finale Recap

York Beach Surf Club up for auction as bank forecloses

The York Beach Club Plan

Foundered barge creates surfable point break

Point Reyes proposes to double camping fees

Judge tosses out lawsuit that sought to stop San O nuclear plant dismantlement

Why Watching a Wipeout Is Better Than Watching Good Surfing

Aussie surfer gets caught during lockdown

Longboarder Shares Terrifying Footage of Tanker Surfing Gone Wrong

Baja's San Miguel Surf Break Protected as a State Park

Highlights: Heated Day 2 Of US Open

Day 1 highlights

Criminal charges expected in Santa Cruz cliff crash

How Kelly Slater became the greatest competitive surfer of all time

A Haitian Surfing Destination Failed To Live Up To Its Promise

SC 3rd incident: search for missing student on north coast

Soldiers and surf lifesavers (lifeguards) could bring Australian COVID patients to hospital

New Jersey Outer Reef w/ Jamie Obrien (Hurricane Larry)

What's the Life of a Surfer Like in the Northeast

Waverider buoys (that power this site) collect data on the energy available in our oceans

Kayak Surfing A River Wave In E Africa

The professional surfing tour looks to ride the Olympic wave

Seven Lesser-Known Surfing Destinations Around the World

Socal Pier Surfing San Clemente

Super Girl Surf Pro California vs US Team Results

WATCH LIVE: US Open Of Surfing HB all week

Paradoxal Surfboards: Printing Surfboards From Algae


The definitive guide to one-arm surfing